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Dr. Harold D’Costa

President – Cyber Security Corporation
Advisor (Law enforcement agencies – Cyber Crime), International Trainer (Judges & Public
801, Rama Equator, Samrat Chowk, Morwadi, Pimpri – Pune 411018.



In 8th WIECON, a tutorial will be conducted for school girls and females of Chhattisgarh, to spread digital literacy to save themselves from various online frauds. Online scams like Fake quizzes for extracting the personal data, fake online friends to get money and other benefit, money flipping scam, fake job offers etc. have increased crimes against females. Hence, digital education is mandatory for girls for their safety.


Dr. Harold D’Costa is President – Cyber Security Corporation and CEO – Intelligent Quotient Security System. He is also Advisor for Law Enforcement Agencies and International Trainer on matter’s related to Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidence, Cyber Law and Cyber Security. He has vast experience in Corporate, Education and Government sector. He has assisted various law enforcement agencies on matters related to Cyber Terrorism, Banking Frauds, Data Theft, IPR and Social Media Frauds. He has a rich experience on working on more than 7,000 cases of cybercrime for the past 16 years. For the past one decade he has trained more than 8,000 Judicial officers from JMFC, District and High Court from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. He has also trained more than 40,000 cops in the country and his associated with various National and State Level Judicial as well as Law Enforcement Academies. He has featured in training officers and providing assistance to CBI, NCB, CESTAT, SEBI, Income Tax, Customs, GST, NIA, RBI and a host of Public and Private Sector Banks in the country. He has also international experience of seven countries in resolving cyber security breaches and assisting Judicial agencies. He was a resource person in 27 International Conferences and was also part of India Mobile Congress along with various international telecom companies in the world. Recently he was invited by Federal Judicial Centre – US, to train Judges on Cyber Terrorism. 

He has developed social media lab for Pune Police for effective investigation in social media frauds.He has developed courseware and curriculum in Diploma in Cyber Security for University in Maharashtra and was also on the panel of Maharashtra Police Academy to design and develop curriculum for Corporate breaches and investigative methods to handle. He has also developed courseware and curriculum for Public Prosecutors in Maharashtra. The same is being implemented for matters related to any cyber security breach. He has also co-authored 17 books on cybercrime investigation, cyber forensics, cyber law, cyber security and IPR. He had played a key role in Mumbai University in developing systems for effective implementation of e-delivery of question paper, which later become a de-facto in many of the Universities in Maharashtra. He is also on Academic Council and BOS of various Universities in the country as an industry expert. On the Corporate side, he worked with AOL (India) and Greaves Limited in senior leadership role for developing and implementation of ERP system. He has a wide expertise in Enterprise system and also well versed with various models for effective utilization of resources for maximum benefits. He was panel member of CII – Western Region and also invitee member on various Corporate Quality Council. While associated with Greaves he was successful in bringing the organization in the top 100 in South Asia for effective use of IT resources and also for developing the first in house tool for data recovery.

While heading as CEO, IQSS featured in the top 10 organization in the country for matters related to Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics and Digital Evidence. For the year 2021 Cyber Security Corporation also featured as one of the top notch organization in the country for matters related to Admissibility of Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensics.

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Dr Mayuri Mehta Professor, SCET Gujrat




Topics to be Covered

1) How AI, XAI and Data Science are Ushering to Improve Healthcare. 

2) AI, XAI and Data Science in Healthcare: Applications and Use Cases.

3) Self-Supervised Learning to Process Labeled and Unlabeled Medical Image Data


Dr. Mayuri is a passionate learner, teacher and researcher. She received a doctorate in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surat, India. Her areas of teaching and research include Data Science, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Health Informatics, Computer Algorithms, Distributed Computing and Python Programming. Her 22 years of professional experience includes several academic and research achievements along with administrative and organizational capabilities.  She is awarded the “Researcher of the Year Award (Engineering, Female)” by 3rd International Business and Academic Excellence Award (IBAE-2021) committee for her Exceptional Calibre and Outstanding Performance as Academician, Researcher, Mentor, Advisor, and a Thought Leader. She has 13 patents and 1 copyright to her credit. She has co-edited three books: 

(1) Tracking and Preventing Diseases with Artificial Intelligence, 

(2) Knowledge Modelling and Big Data Analytics in Healthcare and 

(3) Explainable AI: Foundations, Methodologies and Applications, which are published by Springer and CRC Press. 

Her books on “Data and Algorithms for e-Government” and “Explainable AI in Health Informatics” are in process with Springer. She is the author of 34 research papers and 3 book chapters. She has worked on several academic assignments in collaboration with professors of universities across the globe. She has visited counties like Germany, France, Switzerland, Dubai, Hongkong, Oman, Macau and Thailand for professional and personal purposes. She is an adjunct professor of Gujarat’s largest private university- Parul University. Her AI-powered Healthcare project was approved for fund by the Multidisciplinary Research Unit of Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research (SMIMER). She has also received funds several times from Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST). She has received funds from Student Start-Up & Innovation Policy (SSIP), Government of Gujarat, India for filing 4 patents. With the noble intention of applying her technical knowledge for societal impact, she is working on several AI-powered research projects in Healthcare in association with doctors doing private practice and doctors of Medical Colleges. She has served in several International Conferences in different positions. She has conducted 80+ sessions in International Conferences, Short Term Training Programs (STTPs) and Faculty Development Programs (FDPs). She is a member of the Board of Studies in several universities. She is also a member of the research progress evaluation panel of several universities across the globe. She is a member of professional bodies such as IEEE, ISTE and CSI.

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